DMCA form added

published 08/06/2016

Today we've added a dmca form - that allows copyright holders to send dmca requests directly to us.

Button API fixed

published 06/06/2016

After a user reported a bug, we have realised today there was a huge bug in our button API, and most of conversions did not work. We would like to apologize for this bug. It is now fixed and all should work without problems.

Button API

published 04/05/2016

Today we've added our button api. More information about its usage can be found on our developers page.

code and design update

published 04/03/2016

Today we had a large update for code and design. If you face any errors - please contact us via our contact form.

Api update

published 30/07/2015

Today we have expanded our API by a Javascript API. More information can be found on our developers page.


published 13/07/2015

Today we have added a new feature: after every download you may find the „save to Dropbox” button in the right bottom corner of the page. Just a single click and you can save the file in your dropbox.


published 18/06/2015

We've made several optimizations to our download process - If an error occurs, please try to clear your browser cache. If you still receive an error message after you've cleared your browser cache, please send us a message by using our contact form.


published 05/06/2015

Today we are having massive problems with our DNS. All errors should be fixed by now - however there might be some short-term outages within the next 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Api files

published 03/05/2015

Today we've provided on our developers page ready html and php files for easier integration of our api.